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What Is a Company Registration Document Uk

This certifies that on the date of issue, the person whose name appears on the certificate is the registered owner of the shares of a corporation. Once your company has been registered, share certificates must be issued to shareholders in at least two months. In general, this is another task for which you need to find time in the first months of a newly founded company. The certificate is conclusive proof that. The company is duly registered. As it identifies the business, you will need to provide your business registration number repeatedly. The Company must provide this information in writing within 5 working days. The company`s registration number is 8 characters long. It is not surprising that when starting a business, it is necessary to acquire and submit important documents. Immediately after Companies House has accepted your application for incorporation as a private limited company, you will receive many important incorporation documents such as articles of association, certificate of incorporation and articles of association.

Here we have summarized what each of these documents is and why you will need them. Will downloading these files make me an external data processor? If so, what requirements and contracts do I need to register for? Sole proprietors and ordinary (general) commercial companies do not need a commercial register number as they are not required to register or form a company in Companies House. Once your business has been successfully registered, Companies House will issue a Certificate of Incorporation. Divergent rules apply if a company wishes to move from a limited liability company or an unlimited liability company to a public limited company. This is stated in Life of a Company – Part 2 Event Driven Filings Regulations made under the Companies Act 2006 that a company displays its name at its registered office and other offices, on commercial documents and on websites. The purpose of the regulation is that the legal identity of each company be disclosed to anyone who has or wants to have participated in it. You can set up a UK limited liability company online in just 24 hours or register a branch of your existing business in up to 4 weeks. Your company may choose to adopt sections that contain restricted provisions that can only be repealed or amended if certain conditions are met. For example, a rule that can only be changed with the support of a majority of shareholders higher than the 75% that would be required for a special resolution. Registering a UK branch of a foreign company takes longer than registering a limited liability company, as your company needs to submit documents and information to Companies House.

It may take 4 weeks for these to be verified. A corporation is not required to include the names of directors on its business letters unless it chooses to do so. However, if it decides to include the names, it must indicate the names of all its directors. In other words, a company cannot be selective about the names of the directors it displays. He must show all or nothing of them. A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a limited liability company for individuals who wish to carry out activities intended to benefit the community. KICs are registered as corporations under the Companies Act after CIC`s regulator has approved the application for formation of a CIC. The regulator also has an ongoing oversight and enforcement role.

Paper documents should be in A4 size, plain white paper with a matte finish. All texts and numbers must be black, clear, legible and of uniform density. We cannot guarantee that requests will be processed in strict order of the time or date we receive them. And in general, electronic documents are processed faster than paper documents. It is also possible to obtain digital or paper replacement documents for a fee via the Companies House service or by phone via the Companies House contact centre. Alternatively, a file copy of your documents can be downloaded for free from your company`s filing history on Companies House Service. Ideally, you should hold a board meeting of all directors of the new company within one month of starting the company. This session usually deals with topics such as the details of the company`s creation, the appointment of the company`s auditors and bankers, confirmation of the date of the company`s annual financial statements, etc.

Detailed information can be found in our guide on what should be included in the first minutes of a company`s board of directors, and we`ve also created a free minutes template that you can download and adapt to your business. It is up to the members to appoint the directors who will direct the corporation on their behalf. You cannot be a director if you: When you apply to set up your business, you must indicate whether your company`s registered office must be in England and Wales, Wales (a “Welsh” company), Scotland or Northern Ireland. The address of your registered office must also be in the same country as its location. If you would like to learn more about these important documents, see our Guide to Statutes and Statutes. Any corporation, unless it has been continuously inactive since its inception, must include a sign with its registered name at the following address: You may not be able to specify the name of the corporation you choose if it is identical to another name that appears in the Registrar`s Index of Company Names. There is an exception if an existing company (or an LLP or other entity in the index) is part of the same group as your company and agrees to the use of the name you propose. .